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Founded in December 1996, the Irish Canadian Society is a voluntary membership organisation that arranges/supports social, cultural and sports events -- from a Canada Day Picnic -- to a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner - to trips to Belfast Giants hockey games -- and numerous one-off receptions and events -- to provide opportunities for individual and family fellowship for the Irish Canadian community in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Through such events and this Web site, ICS also promotes awareness of the Irish and Canadian cultures and Irish-Canadian connections, and provides information to help Canadians planning to visit or move to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

The Irish Candian Society Colour Party marches down Dame Street in the 2004 Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade, with the Mounties behind and Christchurch Cathedral in the background.

Paddy's Day Parade Dublin 2004


A mini-parade as the Mounties are led to join the Irish Canadian Society Colour Party in the 2004 Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade.

Paddy's Day Parade Dublin 2004

ICS members hail from diverse parts of Canada, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Canadians include students, retirees and everything in between. The Irish members have lived in Canada and/or have relatives there or other Canadian connections.

In addition to an Annual Events Calendar, ICS also sponsors one-off projects. A particular source of pride was an ICS colour party, including two Mounties, which appeared in the 2004 Dublin St Patrick's Day parade. That colour party was prominently placed in front of the Lord Mayor's coach, thanks to the presence of two Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers whose participation was generously supported by the RCMP itself, Air Canada and the Irish Garda Mounted Unit, which was patterned on the RCMP when it was set up. The criteria for participating in the St. Patrick's Day Parade are necessarily quite strict and RCMP participation, including related flights, is a seldom-to-be-repeated thing. However, in 2013, the 'formal' Dublin St. Patrick's Day Parade was immediately preceeded by a 'Peoples Parade' which allowed for less formal participation. 
The 2013 Peoples Parade, attracted thousands of participants. The ICS colour party was the first colour party in that Parade, was comprised of paid-up ICS members and Canadian students studying in Ireland. (Trips to Belfast Giants hockey games are periodically arranged in conjunction with the Canadian medical students group whose critical mass makes hiring coaches for those junkets economical.) The Peoples Parade was arranged as a one-off event but its success was such that there is hope that from time to time it will be arranged again.

ICS's 2005 special project was the refurbishment of the Canada Room at the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation with the assistance of a very generous donation ICS obtained from the Belfast-based Bombardier Aerospace (Northern Ireland) Foundation. For more on Canada's involvement with Glencree see Footprints.

ICS also supports activities and events of the Canadian Embassy and Irish-Canadian academic, business, cultural and other groups, including providing on this Web site links to their Web sites. Also provided are links to comprehensive sources of entertainment and other events that might be of interest to both visitors and those resident in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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