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Celebrating Canada Day: an informal gathering at Phoenix Park is replacing the previously planned ICS Canada Day Picnic that was to be held at Malahide Castle. 

The Phoenix Park gathering will start between 1 and 2 pm.

An alternative to the traditional ICS Canada Day Picnic at Malahide Castle, including attractive proposed alternatives, has been proposed a number of the most reliable ICS Canada Day Picnic attenders who have indicated that with variants 4 and 5 feared to be on the way, the recent rise in COVID hospitalisations and the abandonment of masks, they would not attend the picnic that was planned there on June 26.  

Instead, they called for a gathering in a park like last year’s successful, unofficial, informal combined Orange Shirt Day/Thanksgiving celebration at Herbert Park. It was NOT an ICS event. All ICS did was make it known that a) there were ICSers who had indicated they were interested in attending at their own volition and risk a gathering where they could meet ICS and other friends and b) understood ICS would not be organizing any games, not having any prize draws, not providing a Canada birthday cake or refreshments and not providing any liability insurance. A good number attended that gathering and enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting some new folks. 

The proposal for June 26 is for a similar gathering at easily reached Phoenix Park where the attendees could enjoy a picnic lunch in the picnic area, visit with friends easily spotted by their wearing Irish and Canadian hats, T-shirs, sweatshirts, etc. and then go to the Zoo, tour the many other interesting areas of the Park, visit nearby, historic Glasnevin Cemetery, go shopping in the City Centre or whatever else they might choose to do.

Looking into it, the ICS leadership group found that the Office of Public Works has significant liability insurance requirements if a body like ICS organizes an event in the Park as well as unduly onerous registration requirements.

Staying with Malahide would not only involve COVID risk if weather meant having to be indoors in the Project Room the significant rent for which also requires liability insurance plus more incidental prize and refreshment tables costs; it would require having to reinstitute the membership fees that have been cancelled for several years, while web site costs have continued. On its plus side the Project Room rent saves attendees from having to pay personally for access to the private garden.
To hold an organization event within the Castle's grounds as ICS has previously done would also require liability insurance and the rental of tables and chairs as well as the expense of games and prize draw prizes, Canada Birthday cake and refreshments.

To hold an organization event in the park outside the Castle grounds the Fingal County Council would also require liability insurance, would be open to encroachers and would not be comfortable for many attendees.

Having considered all this the previously announced ICS return to Malahide Castle to celebrate Canada Day on June 26 has been CANCELLED

The only ​ICS involvement with the gathering proposal is to give notice about it and to remind those who choose to explore the Park to not feed the deer.

We understand it is intended that the attend-at-your-own-risk Phoenix Park gathering will start on June 26 between 1 and 2 pm.

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