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The constituent groups of this community are easy to identify. Less certain is the number of Canadians involved, as explained below. It is estimated that there are roughly 5,000 Canadians living in Ireland at any one time.

In addition to Canada's diplomatic representatives, there are:

a number of Canadians employed in the Irish operations of Canadian and other financial services, business and professional firms;
a larger 'academic' group - many students and a small number of academics; and
the largest group of all, Irish and Canadian individuals and families linked by diverse Irish-Canadian backgrounds and connections.

Why the uncertain numbers?

Official Registrations with the Canadian Embassy in Dublin provide a limited focus for knowing how many Canadians live in Ireland at any one time, since registering with the Embassy is voluntary and not all Canadians living in Ireland register with the Embassy. There is no comparable focus for Northern Ireland. And, except for those included in the membership lists of the various Irish-Canadian organizations, there is no structured focus for the Irish members of the Irish-Canadian community.

Not all Canadians living in Ireland register with the Embassy. And not all who leave permanently advise the Embassy when they depart. This is unfortunate since such registration is important to the Embassy's ability to provide services in a wide variety of circumstances. It is also important to the Embassy's ability to project the Canadian presence in Ireland and Canadian academic, business, cultural and other connections with it. That task is made all the more challenging by Ireland's membership in and focus on the European Union and by Ireland's large number of historical, business and tourist connections with the US.

Canadian ex-pats who want a strong Canadian profile in Ireland should register with the Embassy and keep their contact data up-to-date with it.

And Canadian tourists should prominently 'show the flag' through Canadian flag and other maple leaf insignia - bag tags, pins, iron-on crests and even umbrellas.

(See About ICS to learn about the Irish Canadian Society's efforts to provide opportunities for individual and family fellowship for all members of the Irish Canadian community and to promote awareness of the Irish and Canadian cultures and Irish-Canadian connections.)

Those planning an Irish holiday should have a look at the Footprints section of this site.

Those interested in moving to Ireland or Northern Ireland will find the various sub-sections of Living in Ireland useful.)




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